[Promotion] Winter Balck Truffle Heaven Imported from France – Promotion 4 December 2020 – 7 January 2021

Winter Balck Truffle Heaven
Imported from France

We’re celebrating this holiday seasons with special dishes from Chef Arnaud

🥩 Grilled Dry-Aged Tenderloin,
Foie Gras (Duck Liver), Winter Black Truffle,
served with Baked Potato Cossack and Caviar.

👍Tenderloin Dry-Aged 45 Days 880.-/Set

👍Tenderloin Dry-Aged 100 Days 1,250.-/Set

🥩 Grilled Dry-Aged New York Steak,
Winter Black Truffle, Black Truffle Sauce,
served with Mixed Salad, Winter Black Truffle,
and Xérès Vinegar Dressing.

👍New York Dry-Aged 45 Days 950.-/Set

👍New York Dry-Aged 100 Days 1,550.-/Set

🥮 Tortilla de Patatas with Winter Black Truffle 240.-

🦆Foie Gras Terrine (Duck Liver) served with Toast 450.-

🥞 Blinies topped with Caviar served with a Shot of Absolut Vodka 450.-

🦪 Sea Scallops, Winter Black Truffle served with Saffron Sauce. 490.-

🦞Broiled Lobster, Winter Black Truffle, served with Clarified Butter (1 Whole Lobster) 1,080.-

Enjoin with our special menu from
4 December 2020  – 7 January 2021
At All Arno’s Group Restaurants
EXCEPT for Arno’s Suanplu, Arno’s Chiangmai, Arno’s Silom and ArnoThai

*** These prices are subject to 7% VAT and Service Charge 4%

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