[New] Arno's Wireless-2 cover

After Arno’s Butcher & Eatery and Arno’s Burgers in Naradhiwat Road.,
a new Arno’s arrives in Wireless Road at SINDHORN TOWER
with a mix of concepts! Maintaining simplicity and his core philosophy is
“To have the best meat at best prices”,
Arno’s Steaks & Burgers will offer the same quality of dry-aged beef and well know burgers.
As in our flagship, nice selection beers and wines will be available to accompany your meatilicious experience.

Keeping our well known & high-quality meat (ONLY DRY AGED BEEF)
we serve amazing burgers by simply giving the juicy ground meat the main character.
Daily home-made soft buns and fresh ingredients are key to making our burgers great!
You can tell us, How would you like your burgers?

In our venue has a huge Showcase Refrigerated for Meats that you can order, we cook.
We will cook the beef only these 2 levels of doneness are RARE and MEDIUM RARE
and serve on a hot plate or cool plate.

Arno’s Wireless has 128 seats with a variety of atmosphere, from an open aired dining experience on the wooden deck
to the air-conditioned industrial style dining room. The small space has the trendy charm of an all-American diner,
with an open kitchen dominated by sizzling grills.

Steaks, Burgers, Wines, Beers
Come and try it! When you order, we cook!
Remember you can also buy meat and cook it at home!
Enjoy your meal! Cheers!




Address 130-132 Sindhorn Building, Wireless Rd., Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Contact Tel. +66(0)2 108 5050. Mob. +66(0)81 146 9831.
Email: suanplu@arnosgroup.com
Social Media   arnos.wireless
Open Hours 11.00 – 23.00 hrs. Everyday (Last Order 22.00 hrs.)
Parking The parking lot at Sindhorn Building

– Parking bill with the stamped from our restaurant, parking free for 2 hours

– 3rd hours: 20 Baht/Hour

– 4th hours and after 30 Baht/Hour