Tasty Tenderloin at Arno’s

Tasty Tenderloin at Arno's

Tasty Tenderloin at Arno’s 😋
Grilled tenderloin 🥩 topped with
sauteed foie gras served with a creamy cheesy baked potato
stuffed with potato pulp, mushrooms,
truffle paste, and parmesan cheese
45 Days Dry-Aged Tenderloin (+/-200 g.)
Special price of 1,250 .- per set
This promotion available for
28 July – 17 August 2023
At all of Arno’s restaurants, except for
📍Arno’s Chiangmai
📍Arno’s Saraburi
📍Arno’s Luncheonette – Convent
📍Arno Thai Sukhonthasawat 28